Effect of Supplementary Feed o n the Growth and Survival of Labeo rohita (Rohu) Postlarvae




The present experiment was carried out in order to compare the growth of   L. rohita postlarvae (PL) reared in cement tanks and fed with locally available rice bran (RB), a formulated feed (C2) and without any supplementary feedings (Fx) as control. Survival and growth of PL were monitored in the tanks. The stocking density was 500 PLm-2. The initial length of PL was from 6.0 - 7 0mm. The culture cycle lasted 28 days. At the end of the culture cycle the mean length (Lfinal) of fry were 15 mm, 23 mm and 24 mm for FX, RB and C2 respectively. The mean percentage survival at the above feeding treatment were O9%, 62% and 73% respectively. The percentage survival, Lfinal and SGR- Lfinal of fish fed with C2 and RB were not significantly different from each other but they were significantly different from each other in fish reared without supplementary feeding. The results indicate that RB and C2 are preferred for L. rohita PL rearing in cement tanks. Due to the availability and low price RB is preferred over C2 as a supplementary feed for L. rohita PL rearing.


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