Trends in Seasonal Availability of Marine Food Fish at the Central Market, Kandy, Sri Lanka




The types and the cost of marine food fish available to the consumer and patterns of seasonal availability of selected groups of fish at the Cental Market, Kandy, were studied during a period of fourteen months, from October 1991 to November 1992.

A total of 84 species of bony fishes, belonging to 40 families were recorded during the study period. Three families, namely the Scombridae (tunas, mackerels), Carangidae (Jacks or carangids) and the Clupeidae (Sardines) were recorded during all fourteen months and one family, the Istiophoridae (sail fishes, marlins) was recorded during 13 months of the study period. Other families that were recorded regularly were the Exocoetidae (flying fishes), Sphyraenidae (barracudas), Lutjanidae (snappers), Coryphaenidae (dolphin fishes) and Lethrinidae(emperors). However, the availability of these groups of fish varied seasonally. The retail price varied considerably between different families of fish. The Spanish mackerels, large carangids and bill fishes fetched the highest price range per kg (Rs 100 00 - 260 00), while the lowest price range of Rs 25.00 - 40.00 per kg was recorded for flying fishes and sardines. The price of all other types was between Rs 40.00 and 100.00 per kg.


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