Spoilage Patterns and Organoleptic Acceptability of Sardinella longiceps Stored at Four Different Temperatures




Spoilage patterns of Sardinella longiceps stored at 260C, 60C, 00C and -170C were examined by monitoring some biochemical and microbiological parameters as well as by conducting organoleptic assessment. The shell life of the fish after landing under poor preservation conditions was found to be 7 hours, 3.5 days, 7 days and over 50 days respectively, for above storage temperatures as judged by a taste panel comprised of 5 individuals.

Statistically significant linear correlations were found between taste panel score and storage time for 260C (r = -0 956, p< 0.001), 60C (r= -0 83s, p<0.01) and -170C (r= -0.726, p<0 05) temperatures. In general, the taste panel score did not show a simple, temperature independent relationship with any of the biochemical and microbiological parameters (i.e. trimethylamine, total volatile nitrogen, p H and total bacterial count) studied. Therefore, above parameters may not be taken individually as indicators for testing the quality of S. longiceps.


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