Growth performance and colour enhancement of guppy, Poecilia reticulata when fed with locally formulated pigment included diets




The nutritional balance and the colour enhancing quality should be taken into consideration when a diet is formulated for aquarium fish. Two diets prepared for guppy fry using fish meal and Soya bean meal as the major sources of protein were evaluated on the basis of cost of production, percentage survival, growth performance and the feed conversion ratio (FCR). Soy-meal diet which had a low cost of production resulted in a significantly higher survival rate (p<0.05) in guppy fry than when fed with fish meal diet. There were no significant differences in the increase in body weight and FCR between two groups of fry fed with two diets (p>0.05). Therefore, soymeal diet was selected for the colour enhancing experiment. Dried, powdered carrot tubers and petals of Coma sp. inflorescence were incorporated separately to the soymeal diet as the pigment sources and male guppies were fed with these two feeds separately for a period of six weeks. The colour intensity of guppies fed with the diet containing dried carrot powder was significantly higher (p< 0.01) than that of guppies fed with the diet formulated with Cassia petals and the control fish which were fed with soymeal diet without any pigment source.


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