Heavy Metals in the Sediments of the Lower Ikpoba River, Benin City, Nigeria




Heavy metal concentrations in the sediments of the lower Ikpoba river in Benin City, Nigeria were investigated using the flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry technique and compared with previously determined values for water.

Mean concentration values (in µg g-1, dry wt) recorded for metals in sediment samples were as follows: Cd = 1.5; Cr - 0.9; Cu = 1.9; Fe = 7.9; Pb = 3.3; Mn = 4.6; Ni = 3.95 and Zn = 4.7.

Mixed effluent sources, high vehicular traffic density and run-off water from the city's industrial areas are considered to be possible Sources of metal contaminants during the dry and rainy seasons. Significant correlations (P<0.05) were observed between metal contents in sediment and water. No significant differences were, however, observed between metal concentrations in dry and rainy seasons (P>0.05).


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