Participatory approaches to reservoir fisheries management: issues; challenges & policies

This monograph consists of a collection of presentations made at the Symposium, “Participatory approaches to reservoir fisheries management: issues, challenges and polices” which was held in Dambulla, Sri Lanka on 3-6 October 2004, and the set of recommendations deliberated. As these papers are essentially based on comprehensive scientific studies, the findings are of immense importance to researchers, academics and students working in the field of reservoir fisheries management. Most importantly, symposium recommendations are useful not only in the national context but also in the global scenario, to policy makers and managers of the inland aquaculture constitute a great potential for food security of rural communities in the low income, food deficit countries. Edited by MJS Wijeyaratne and US Amarasinghe

Bibliography of science research on fisheries and aquatic sciences in Sri Lanka 1900-2004 Edited by EIL Silva

This volume consist bibliographic information in the field of fisheries and aquatic science from 1900 to 2004. The author has been able to list around 1300 publications in this volume. Although information could be accessed nowadays through internet, most of the bibliographic information contained in this volume is not available in the web. Therefore, this publication will be very useful to researches to get information on already published literature on a particular field of study in fisheries and aquatic sciences relevant to Sri Lanka. Edited by EIL Silva

A guide to the freshwater fauna of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) by A.S. Mendis and C.H. Fenando With a forward, additional updating on fishes, amphibian and selected references

Edited by C.H Fenando and S.R. Weerewardhena

Aquatic ecology of rice fields

Edited by C.H. Fenando, Friedhlm Gol Tenboth

Sri Lankan freshwater fauna and fishes

Edited by C.H. Fenando and S.R. Weerewardhena