Becoming a member of the SLAFAR includes all of the following benefits

  • Free membership certificate for the life members
  • Significant membership discounts for training courses; workshops; conferences and annual symposiums.
  • Networking opportunities via attendance at the AGM ; Annual scientific symposium and other events.
  • SLAFAR Annual Report at the AGM

Categories of membership

  • Life Members – Shall be individuals who are or have engaged in a branch of research on fisheries and aquatic resources of Sri Lanka and who possess a bachelor degree or any other academic qualifications acceptable to the Executive Committee. Persons who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, have knowledge and experience in the field of fisheries and aquatic resources may also be considered for this membership category.
  • Associate Members – Shall be individuals who are interested in the objectives of the Association, but do not quality for full membership.
  • Honorary Members – Persons who in the opinion of the Executive Committee are likely to be of service to the SLAFAR and to assist in the achievement of its objectives by reason of their personal eminence or public stature. Such membership may be conferred by the approval of a two-thirds majority of the full members present at a General Assembly.
  • Corporate/Sustaining Members – Shall be those establishments/ organizations who support the objectives of the Society.

Membership of the SLAFAR is by nomination from two full/honorary members and approval of the Executive Committee.

  • A person who is nominated and approved for membership is eligible to be a member of the SLAFAR on payment of entrance fee prescribed in By-Laws of the Association.
  • Members who default in payment of their fees over a period of time shall forfeit their membership, as anticipated in the By-laws.
  • A member of the SLAFAR may, at any time, resign from the Association by sending a written notice of resignation, to one of the Joint Secretaries.
  • Any person who has ceased to be a member subject to paragraphs (b) and (c) above, can re-join the SLAFAR. The Executive Committee may waive the entrance fee of such a person. However, the Executive Committee may decide that the membership fees due for the period until re-joining have to be paid to the SLAFAR. 
  • All Full members and Honorary members shall have right to vote, to be nominated for office in the Association and to propose and second the candidature of another member.

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