Workshop on technology dissemination of Japanese fish cake preparation

One day technology dissemination workshop was organised by SLAFAR. This workshop provided both knowledge and hand on experience in preparing preservatives-free fish sausages (Jakotempura), according to Japanese technology. This programme was conducted by a team* comprise of nine Japanese experts and a member from Japanese Graduates’ Alumni of Sri Lanka. Jakotempura is a product that can be easily repaired with tools available at household level and preserved for a long period of time under freezing condition. Hence, this is an ideal product, which has high nutritional value and taste, to prepare during the periods with excess fishery productions.

Around 40 women were participated for the workshop and during the workshop it was revealed that product can be prepared to initiate small-scale business to cater as a snack and bite. The workshop and hand on experience session was conducted in selecting suitable fish,filleting,mussel mincing and addition of required in grediance, moulding, frying and packaging. Varity of packaging methods were demonstrated to facilitating entrepreneurial skills and requirements. All participants highly admired the programme. Dr. TB Wanninayake and Dr. Dileepa de Croos involved in conducting this programme. Dr. Dileepa de Croos organised this whole programme on behalf of SLAFAR.

1stJuly 2015 –Kandakuliya, Kalpitiya Peninsula


Dr.Yoshinobu HIRAOKA
Director of Ehime Food Processing Technology Institute

Mr. Yoshiyuki FUJITA
Senior Staff of Ehime Food Processing Technology Institute

President of Ocean Dream Company

Mr.Kiyotaka MIURA
President of Uwajimaya

EPIC staff

Mrs. Noriko OMORI
EPIC Manager

Dr.Udayangani RATNAYAKE
Ehime Trainee Resource person & Coordinator of Ehime Sri Lanka Fish & Nutrition Program

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