Knowledge exchange programme

Jointly organised with Japanese Graduates’ Alumni of Sri Lanka

As the response to the request made by the International coordinator of the value added fish processing programme Ehime-Sri Lanka, two-day industrial visits with series of discussions and experience sharing forumswere organised by SLAFAR betweenselected Sri Lankan aquaculture entrepreneurs and Japanese expert team* on 29thand 30th of June 2015. The objective of this programme was to exchange knowledge, experience, and novel technology while exploring potential trends for future collaborative research and investments.The Japanese team visited shrimp farms, tilapia farms, oyster farms, freshwater prawn hatcheries and culture ponds which operate under different conditions along the north-western coastal belt.

Both parties were benefited with the novel exposure and technology transfer activities. Dr. TBWanninayakeand Dr. Dileepa de Croos involved in conducting these programmes. Dr. Dileepa de Croos organised this whole programme on behalf of SLAFAR.

*iTeam members   
 Dr.Yoshinobu HIRAOKA:Director of Ehime Food Processing Technology Institute
 Mr. Yoshiyuki FUJITA:Senior Staff of Ehime Food Processing Techonology Institute
 Mr.Yasuo MATSUURA:President of Ocean Dream Company
 Mr.Kiyotaka MIURA:President of Uwajimaya
 Mr.Hironaru TAKAHASHI:EPIC staff
 Mrs. Noriko OMORI:EPIC Manager
 Dr.Udayangani RATNAYAKE:Ehime Trainee Resource person & Coordinator of Ehime Sri Lanka Fish & Nutrition Program. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

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